Wipfli ACH Policy and Procedures

Financial Institutions

Wipfli’s ACH Policy and Procedures have been updated for 2022 to include rule changes and enhanced features to assist with your compliance with the ever-changing NACHA rules and other related laws and regulations. The ACH Policy and Procedures’ features include:

  • Origination agreement and third-party sender origination agreement templates, which include sample language for same day ACH
  • Sample stop payment order forms
  • Sample written statement of unauthorized debit (WSUD) forms that aid you with proper completion and return accuracy
  • A decision tree that will help your staff with completing the proper form: stop payment vs. WSUD
  • Sample letter to request an authorization or return
  • Authorization agreements for preauthorized transfers and loan payments
  • Checklist for establishing a new originator
  • Sample letter to assist with meeting the ODFI’s obligation to keep originators informed of their responsibilities

ACH Policy and Procedures are easier and better with Wipfli. Our ACH Policy and Procedures include explanations to aid with ACH compliance, and they can be used as a learning/teaching tool. As an added benefit, they also outline processing and compliance while providing instructions on what you should customize within each section. Changes in the 2022 ACH Policy and Procedures are highlighted for faster implementation if you are using the 2021 version.

The price is only $200 plus tax, but if you purchased Wipfli’s ACH Policy and Procedures in 2020 or 2021 the price is only $100 plus tax!

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions please contact Marguerita Attig at mattig@wipfli.com.
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