HMDA Training

Financial Institutions

Help and Preparedness Are as Close as Your Own Office With HMDA Training From Wipfli. Get customized, quality on-site training with a senior management compliance expert from Wipfli.
Wipfli offers experienced on-site training that’s tailored to your institution. Our experts will help you develop specific strategies that position your institution for a smooth transition when the rest of the new rules take effect on January 1, 2018.

  • Training occurs on site at your financial institution.
  • Include as many employees as you like—whether that’s 4 or 44—for one flat fee.
  • Receive a tailored training experience. For example, we use your existing forms and procedures, explain how the new rule applies, and visually illustrate how your specific processes must change to comply going forward.

HMDA Training from Wipfli is:
Efficient. Quickly get everyone up to speed, knowledgeable, and confident about the new requirements.
Expedient. Recognize specific compliance measures your institution must implement beginning on January 1, 2018.
Cost-Effective. Incur no travel time for employees or the added time away that travel requires.
Relevant. Address the specific impact that new requirements will have on your day-to-day operations, your management, and your customers.
Get customized quality training on site for only $1,999 plus mileage. You’ll receive an electronic version of the training materials created for and based on your institution’s needs and processes, plus two to three hours of training at your location with a Wipfli senior management compliance expert.
Avoid violations, regulator criticism, and costly penalties. Be Ready for HMDA.

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