Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analyze information and uncover actionable insights for your healthcare organization.

Analyze financial, operational, and quality performance with an integrated view of healthcare data. Over 1,500 healthcare providers in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and medical practices use healthcare intelligence to mine mountains of data.

Implementing the Healthcare Intelligence solution takes weeks, not months and seamlessly integrates data from clinical, operation, and financial systems, even if the information is housed in disparate systems.

Individual physicians and staff are able to directly explore deeper dimensions of data. The intuitive Healthcare Intelligence solution eliminates the need to contact your information technology staff to create static reports and allows your team to rapidly analyze data sets, leverage real time statistics, and make decisions based on clear trends

Are you currently using a McKesson or CPSI EMR? Can you easily, and quickly, organize real-time data, analyze it, and run scenarios? If you immediately answered "no," then take a look at these recorded webinars. We'll show you how to quickly understand the information already stored in your EMR repository.

You have questions and I'm guessing you would love to have easy access to your information to help you make sound decisions. Whether you are using McKesson, CPSI, or any other EMR, we can help. Contact us for a personalized demo and answers to all of your questions.

Healthcare business intelligence
A data strategy designed for early wins and long-term impact
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Mackinac Straits Health System
Jason Anderson, Chief Financial Officer

"As CFO, I struggled with having visibility into our financial, operational, and quality information contained in our electronic medical records. The team at Wipfli understood my constraints and implemented a business intelligence solution that allowed me to instantly have an integrated view of our hospital’s information. They understood my level of Excel knowledge and were able to develop dashboards that leveraged this knowledge. The solution Wipfli provided was intuitive and presented in a clear and understandable way allowing me to take affirmative action."