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Data and analytics for healthcare

Practical, scalable data and analytics solutions

Your organization is overflowing with information. The challenge is bringing all the pieces together to understand the message in the data. We can help you better understand and leverage your data.

Why Wipfli?

Wipfli can help your organization gain the big picture, enabling you to make informed decisions in support of your organizational performance and the patients and populations you serve. Our team works with you to build innovative solutions that demonstrate value, with speed and flexibility across analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing, financial planning and predictive analytics.

How we help you

Wipfli can help you be strategic about transforming your data analytics capabilities.

Our team starts by assessing your existing resources and asking the right questions to reveal key problem areas. Then we work with you on detailed project planning and architecture for everything from patient journey mapping to physician compensation solutions.

Wipfli can help your organization start building a strong data foundation.

We take disparate data and consolidate it into a single, unified structure so that all your data is working for the same purpose. We also help you update your data policies and management for more effective data governance.

Improve operational, financial and clinical performance across your healthcare organization by making your data actionable.

We tailor data solutions to your healthcare organization’s unique needs, helping you automate reports to make compliance and financial analysis easier, as well as use dashboards to give you on-demand access to data for better decision-making.

Wipfli provides foundational managed services for your solutions. Let us worry about your end-user support, application, databases and infrastructure while you focus on improving care.

2024 state of rural healthcare

Research report reveals top financial concerns and how rural healthcare plans to respond.

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