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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Real-world solutions for your cybersecurity

Cyberattacks on healthcare organizations continue to grow in severity — and in costs.

Just one data breach can threaten your patients’ sensitive health information, ruining your organization’s reputation and hard-earned patient trust. Yet many healthcare security officers still lack the resources they need to properly mitigate risk and manage an effective cybersecurity program.

Why Wipfli?

Wipfli brings practical solutions to your security and privacy challenges. Our certified security professionals help your organization satisfy regulatory compliance, manage risk, meet business demands and gain peace of mind.

How we help you

Effective cybersecurity starts with readiness. Wipfli can help your organization reduce the costs of a data breach and improve your HIPAA compliance by focusing on proactive risk management.

From cybersecurity testing to HIPPA security risk assessments, our emergency preparedness services give you a fuller picture of your organization’s security position. We also help you comply with the CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule, as well as provide training and exercises tailored to your organization.

Wipfli is ready to help your organization with any level of cybersecurity need, from developing policies and procedures to fully managed services.

After assessing your cybersecurity needs, we can help your organization implement a comprehensive solution, including firewalls, internal controls, vendor management and training. We also stay connected throughout the process, helping your healthcare organization manage the change and providing any troubleshooting support you need.

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, Wipfli provides response and handling support to help ensure continuity and access to your data and technology.

You’ll receive a dedicated phone number and email so that you can reach your incident response team 24/7. They’ll help you isolate, contain and eradicate incidents and minimize the impact on your organization.

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