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Healthcare delivery is evolving. So are patient expectations. Healthcare organizations across the country are adopting digital solutions that push patient care forward, and the only way for your organization to keep up and keep moving forward is to embrace new technology.

Our Wipfli Digital team doesn’t just offer digital solutions. We offer digital clarity — cutting through to make the future work for you. Let’s overcome your biggest challenges with the right tech strategy.

Telehealth and self-service

Patients increasingly expect virtual and digital healthcare services, and organizations must continue adapting to these needs. Technology helps you not only deliver telehealth and self-service options but also provide personalized experiences tailored to each patient’s preferences and previous interactions.

Wipfli can help you plan and implement your “digital front door” strategy. Work with our team to:

  • Identify your digital/technology needs and create a roadmap for execution
  • Develop a custom application that delivers on what matters most to your patients
  • Create and execute on an e-commerce strategy
  • Implement or optimize your telehealth solution

Data management and the cloud

One of healthcare’s biggest challenges is centralizing data and performing efficient data management. That’s where the cloud truly shines. It can store data in one centralized place, integrate with a number of other applications (from your EHR to your telehealth system to your business intelligence tool), and deliver anywhere, anytime access to both patients and employees.

Let Wipfli help you:

  • Solve data challenges and strategically evolve your IT infrastructure
  • Transition to cloud technology and improve cloud security
  • Implement back-office technology that securely centralizes and manages data
  • Leverage business intelligence tools to make more strategic decisions

Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance

The healthcare industry is frequently and intensely targeted by cybercriminals. Attacks like ransomware shut down systems, put patients in danger and steal protected health information (PHI). As a result, your organization faces penalties from OCR.

But you can reduce the chances of a data breach and improve your HIPAA compliance by focusing on cybersecurity and risk management. And that’s where Wipfli can help. Work with our team to:

Price transparency

The price transparency mandate is here, and complying is posing a considerable challenge for hospitals. Creating a consumer-facing, digital catalogue is no small endeavor.

Wipfli has assembled a team of specialized healthcare and technology consultants to deliver a solution to help hospitals comply with the mandate. Our team can:

  • Provide data analysis consultation and pricing strategy
  • Review your initial data and provide findings
  • Scrub your data files to display as intended
  • Create a machine-readable all services file
  • Select 300 shoppable services to provide in a consumer-friendly format

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