EHR selection and implementation

Finding the right EHR system just got easier

An electronic health record (EHR) system is one of the most important investments a healthcare organization can make. It can help you manage information and documentation automatically so that you can treat the whole health of each patient.

It’s the most important tool that you have to process the clinical and financial information necessary to care for patients and be paid for services. And your reputation and financial performance can hinge on the system and its implementation.

Let Wipfli help you choose the right system. Our professionals have deep experience in the selection and implementation of EHR systems, but better yet, we know what questions to ask and how to turn the complexity of this process into new opportunities for your organization.

We tailor outcomes to your objectives and incorporate best practices from implementations at similar organizations.

Our approach includes:

System selection

What is your objective for installing a new EHR system? It’s a simple question, but it’s one that will guide us to help you select the best system to meet your needs.

We work with you to develop or facilitate:

  • Selection criteria.
  • An organizational profile.
  • Vendor identification.
  • Demonstration scheduling and facilitation.
  • Weighted scorecards.
  • Contract reviewing.

Implementation planning

Will the EHR work in the ways you need it to? Will your staff adapt to the change well? Do you have the resources to launch a project of this scale? We help ensure that the implementation and adoption of your new EHR system does not disrupt the vital functioning of your organization.

We can assist you with:

  • Governance: We’ll establish the groundwork for a successful conversion by ensuring that you have defined a proven governance structure for your project.
  • A communication plan: We work with your team to plan effective and timely communication with your community, patients and staff.
  • Vendor relationship management: We resolve and escalate issues on your behalf.
  • Change management: We help improve employee adoption and reduce resistance to change by incorporating best practices for managing the people side of the project.
  • Best practice advice: We alert you to potential pitfalls along the way and provide proven implementation advice.

Implementation oversight

Once you’ve selected your vendor, Wipfli assumes the role of liaison between your vendor and your organization. We maintain consistent oversight of the project workflow, status, training and launch plan. After the launch, we conduct a review to ensure that the project was completed as outlined in the agreement.

Contact us to get started

Installing a new EHR system is a big undertaking. We have the experience to help you find and implement a successful EHR that meets your unique objectives.

Contact us today to begin a discussion.

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