EHR Assessment and Implementation

Complete guidance through selection and implementation of your EHR system.

What is your objective for installing a new EHR system? A simple question, but one that will guide us to help you select the best system to meet your needs. We have experience and expertise in the selection and implementation of EHR systems, but better yet, we know what questions to ask and how to turn the complexity of this process into new opportunities for your health care organization.

The approach we follow is consistent through all of our EHR system implementations, but we tailor the outcomes to your objectives and incorporate best practices from implementations at similar organizations. Our approach contains the following attributes:

System Selection

We will facilitate the development of selection criteria that is unique to your organization and create a shortlist of vendors based on your criteria and facilitate scripted demos.

Implementation Planning

We will develop a project charter, communication plan, resource allocation plan, and define roles and responsibilities so project team members understand the process and their individual role in making it a success.

Implementation Oversight

Once the project commences, we will assume the role of liaison between the vendor and your organization. We will maintain consistent oversight of the project workflow, status, training, and go-live plan. Post launch, we will conduct a review to ensure the project was completed as outlined in the agreement.

Installing a new EHR system will be a huge project and comprised of dozens of mini projects that require personnel and financial resources. We have the experience to help you build a project that is successful and results in meeting your unique objectives. Contact us today to begin a discussion. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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