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Reliable insight for rural health solutions.

The unique needs of rural health clinics require more than specialized services and professional expertise. To survive over the long haul, rural clinics need a partner who understands how to right-size services for the rural environment.

Our nationwide team of rural health experts understand the challenges you face and will tailor compliance, training, and reimbursement solutions to meet your specific rural clinic needs.

From financial performance management to snapshot coding analysis, systems are developed to navigate the complicated requirements of Medicare and Medicaid. Physician and staff development, along with compliance evaluations, cost reporting, and business advisory are also provided. Our teams also have expertise to help you with the following needs:

Turn to a team of experts ready to help committed organizations successfully travel the rural health road. Contact us today. We can dive right into reimbursement optimization, cost report accuracy, and identifying any other urgent needs.

Featured Thought Leader

Jeff Bramschreiber, CPA

Since 1986, Jeff Bramschreiber has worked with all types and sizes of medical practices, from sole practitioners to 200+ physician medical groups, in both urban and remote rural locations. Jeff has successfully developed strategies to improve revenue, reduce costs, and enhance the profitability of numerous medical practices. His extensive experience provides tremendous value to medical organizations, bringing them great dividends well into the future.

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