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Revenue Cycle

Transform your revenue cycle with proven consulting services.

The changing reimbursement environment puts a strain on hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers to report services accurately, capture their full value, and to do so in a compliant manner. We understand your challenges and have proven solutions to help.

Our healthcare experts will analyze your data, people, technology, and procedures at the patient and organizational level. We will then focus on improvements that deliver short-term positive impact and game plan for long-term market and industry changes. You can feel confident that our experts will provide direction, guiding your staff to take ownership in executing improvements and ongoing learning.

By empowering and educating your internal teams, your organization can create stable revenue streams with predictable regularity.

Wipfli’s Revenue Cycle Transformation Process

Some of the specific services we offer include:

Are you experiencing high incidents of claims denial or bad dept write-offs? What are you doing to combat decreasing operating margins and reductions in payer reimbursement? Tough questions. We know, but we can help. Contact us today and let's discuss your needs.

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Healthcare showcase page
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