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Celebrating 5 years of Accounting Wire with our top 10 articles

Mar 11, 2020

Five years ago, Wipfli began putting together our monthly Accounting Wire newsletter to give our clients articles and news on top accounting topics.

From tips on getting to a faster month-end close, to updates on regulations, to advice on mitigating the risk of fraud, we’ve written about a range of important issues affecting your accounting department. We can hardly believe it’s already been five years.

To celebrate this anniversary, let’s explore Accounting Wire’s top 10 accounting articles of the past five years:

1. Top 10 budgeting tips for your business

How do you start a budget? If you already have one, how can you make it better? Following these top 10 tips could have a significant, positive impact on your overall operations.

2. Excel: The power of a grid

Some people love Excel, and some people hate it. But despite your feelings on it, you’ve probably developed some workarounds over the years. Those workarounds may not be the most efficient way to do things anymore, so we’ve put together a list of bad habits to break and what you could be doing instead.

3. Quiz: Are you smarter than a fraudster?

Every organization has some level of risk when it comes to fraud. But do you know what red flags to look for?

Test yourself with our fraud quiz and see how you do. At the end, we also include a bonus section diving into the most common types of occupational fraud schemes.

4. Six Microsoft Excel tips to increase your productivity

Sometimes it seems like accounting departments live in Excel, so it’s not a surprise there are two Excel-related articles on this list. This one is all about tips that save you time and help make you more productive.

5. Going beyond GAAP: 5 unrecorded liabilities you may be missing

A business’s economic liabilities is not a topic often discussed — even less so when they’re ones that GAAP doesn’t require you to present. But the five unrecorded liabilities we dive into in this article can help you understand what you need to know and what to do to resolve these liabilities.

6. Journey to the CFO of the future

A CFO’s responsibilities have evolved significantly over the years. The strategic aspects in particular have become more prominent than ever, requiring the ability to provide insights, predictions and recommendations to guide the business and help it reach its goals. Here are the signs a CFO is a true advisor to the business, and how CFOs can get to this ideal CFO of the future.

7. Top 5 ways to reduce stress during month-end close

The title of this article is pretty self-explanatory. Month-end doesn’t have to be stressful, so see if these five tips can help your department reduce stress and stop dreading month-end close.

8. Performing a year-end inventory: Is it worth it?

Counting inventory can be tedious and even require shutting down operations to ensure it’s done correctly. But year-end inventories are hugely important. In this article, we talk about why that is, how you can have a more efficient count and what some of the alternative processes are.

9. 10 ways to elevate your financial reports

You’re great at analyzing data, but how are you at communicating it? Financial reports tell your business’s story, so consider these 10 tips to more effective reports.

10. 7 habits of a highly effective accounting department

An accounting department’s effectiveness has a different definition that it may have had 10 years ago. With even more responsibility, becoming a highly effective department is crucial — both for the business and for your team’s sanity.

What accounting articles do you want to see?

Have an idea of what you’d like to see covered in future Accounting Wire articles? Any questions we can answer? Contact us to let us know.

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