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How to attract top talent with recruitment marketing

Nov 14, 2021

Recruiting top talent is becoming increasingly more difficult for everyone. More than 90% of employers recently reported that they’re struggling to fill open positions.

Recruiting talent takes creativity and connection. Technology can certainly make it easy to get your opportunities posted, but candidates are looking for more than just a job posting. They are interested in knowing about your company and the employees they’d be working with.

So how do you stand out?

One of the leading strategies to implement is recruitment marketing, which means using marketing strategies and methods to attract, engage, recruit and retain talent.

By focusing on employer branding, digital marketing and advertising, content marketing and the candidate experience, you’ll be able to reach passive candidates, increase your referrals, target the right candidates, showcase your culture and establish that personal connection with potential candidates.

To get started, audit what your company has to offer to candidates so you can highlight them in the marketing and recruiting process. What makes your company unique? What do your current employees’ value most about working there? Once you find out, you can start to brand yourself and build your reputation.

Next, use digital marketing and advertising to publicize your brand and broaden your reach. Don’t just post jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed. Start promoting your brand on ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Instagram and Facebook.

Communicating your brand effectively is just as important as defining it. Content marketing allows you to share your brand with your target candidates and using multiple avenues allows you to reach individuals. Blog posts, photos, articles and videos are all valuable tools to showcase what an amazing place your organization is to work.

In addition, the candidate experience really shows that you live your culture and can help you stand out since candidates are likely exploring multiple opportunities. Prompt responses and transparency throughout the process are key. Allow them to speak to multiple individuals who they will be working with and for. Bad experiences can easily be spread on job board reviews and comments, which can damage your employer brand and drive away other candidates

While Recruitment Marketing can be a large time investment upfront, it does make an impact as passive candidates start to hear more and more about your organization. As they become interested from hearing, seeing, and reading about your employer brand, they will start coming to you!

How Wipfli can help

Wipfli’s dedicated team can help you with your staffing needs, from crafting benefit plans that will help you recruit and retain to optimizing your talent management, strategy and HR skills. Contact us today to see how our unique perspective brings holistic solutions to drive the change you need.


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