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Overcome your biggest obstacles. Build the organization you’ve always envisioned.

You’re faced with increasing demands, but product isn’t going out the door fast enough — and you can’t spot the breakdown. Or perhaps your organization has set goals to expand its vision, but your strategic plan hasn’t come to fruition and is collecting dust on the shelf. 

Every organization, regardless of its size or history, has encountered barriers to its growth goals. And more often than not, those barriers are invisible to the people on the front lines. When you’re already pressed for time and focused on the day-to-day demands of running your organization, it may seem impossible to look at the big picture and identify solutions to problems or deploy strategies to scale.

But that’s where an experienced, proven partner can make all the difference. With vast experience helping organizations overcome obstacles and achieve their strategic goals, Wipfli’s seasoned professionals can bring valuable insight from the outside to help your organization solve its most pressing challenges and thrive well into the future. 


Regulatory updates. Technology innovations. Evolving market conditions and customer demographics. No matter your industry, your organization likely will be faced with disruptions, large and small, as you move into the future. Change is constant, and your ability to grow and thrive will depend on your readiness to adapt to change — which is where your strategic plan comes into play. 

But maybe you’ve already developed a vision for the future and have struggled with putting tactical plans into place to execute on it. Perhaps you’ve started and stopped the strategic planning process to allocate time to short-term responsibilities. 

There’s more to achieving your long-term strategic goals than simply having a plan in place. We’re here to help you get on track — and stay there. As one of the nation’s leading authorities in strategic planning, Wipfli’s consultants help you develop and implement an innovative strategic solution that generates higher performance and real, tangible results. Here’s how you’ll benefit from our process. 

Evaluate Your Mission, Vision and Core Values  

We start by sitting down with you and your leadership team to evaluate the very foundation of your organization: your mission, vision for the future and the core values that define everything you do. Are you setting strategic priorities and plans to fulfill your vision? How often are you reviewing your long-term strategy? Is it inspiring action or is it stagnant? Together, we take a holistic, comprehensive look at where your organization stands today, and assess where you plan to go in the future. 

Conduct Internal and External Analysis 

To develop an effective and actionable strategic plan, you need input from all of the stakeholders that will be affected by your efforts, both internally and externally. Leverage Wipfli’s resources and tools to gather critical feedback on your strategic priorities, including a SWOT analysis, which will allow you to identify your strengths, improve or mitigate weaknesses, uncover opportunities in the marketplace and minimize threats presented by disruption or the competition.

Define Your Strategic Priorities 

Based on the results of your SWOT analysis, work with Wipfli’s consultants to build the broad, strategic priorities needed to achieve your vision. We meet with you on-site to drill down actionable priorities and craft a plan that is adaptable, results-oriented and realistic to increase your likelihood of success. We help you enlist broad participation in the planning process across your organization, in order to encourage teamwork, facilitate positive and productive discussion and promote adoption of your strategic priorities. 

Create Meaningful Measurements 

It’s hard to know when and how you’ve accomplished your strategic goals if you don’t know what success actually looks like. Our team will assist you in developing formalized financial and performance-based metrics and benchmarks to help measure the success of your strategic planning efforts on a frequent basis.   

Outline Your Goals and Strategies 

Too many strategic plans fail because they aren’t tied to tangible, actionable steps organizations can take to fulfill their vision and hold themselves accountable. Benefit from the decades of proven experience and knowledge Wipfli’s consultants bring to the table to develop defined, measurable and realistic goals to make your strategic priorities a reality.

Take Action

Move forward with confidence and rely on the Wipfli team for assistance with putting your goals and strategies into action, assigning responsibilities and creating realistic timelines for execution. We help you monitor your progress and tie your core operational processes to your action plan, so you can achieve your strategic objectives efficiently and effectively. 

Operations and Process Improvement

Staffing pressure. Supply chain delays. Technology hang-ups. Wasteful processes. Rising costs. Increasing regulations.

If you struggle with any of the above, you’re not alone. Resolving these headaches and pushing back against inefficiencies can feel like a constant, frustrating battle — and a race against the clock when you have so many people who count on you hanging in the balance. At Wipfli, we take a unique, holistic approach to helping organizations resolve operational challenges and improve processes. Here’s how we can help you.

What’s the Root of the Breakdown?

The first step is to identify and investigate the underlying cause of your operational issues, not just the symptoms. We accomplish this through a root cause analysis workshop, in which we take a step back and analyze your processes from start to finish. Where are your bottlenecks? What is wasting valuable time and money? We focus on slowing down your processes to show you how to speed them back up.

Using techniques such as value stream mapping, we work collaboratively with you to map out critical steps at every level and function of your organization, so we can evaluate and identify solutions to your problems. Depending on your challenges, industry and area of focus, we also can help ensure your operational processes are compliant and sound through regulatory standards and financial process reviews.

What Is the Solution?

Once we’ve mapped out your processes and pinpointed inefficiencies at a detailed level, we brainstorm solutions and ideas with you and your team. We help you create timelines and accountability to take your solutions from ideas to actions.

With broad knowledge across industries, you can leverage Wipfli’s consultants to refine your operational processes, remove waste and ensure every aspect of your organization is not only functioning the way it should but also positioned to keep pace with continued growth and demand.

How Can You Manage Operational Change Successfully?

Successful implementation is all about your people. Deploying new processes and improving operations are not “one and done” actions. To ensure success and ultimate effectiveness, you must have the full commitment and attention of your entire organization. 

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone. Once we’ve retooled your processes and introduced solutions, our team can stay onboard to help you navigate the implementation phase and measure success if you don’t have the bandwidth. We provide additional workshops, technology support, tools and more to help you manage change and navigate shifts in process with ease.  

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Featured Thought Leader

Brett Polglaze

Brett Polglaze is a senior manager on Wipfli’s management consulting team with over 15 years of experience designing solutions for complex organizational questions. He has led all aspects of ERP implementations and operations improvement initiatives, serving as project manager, business analyst, solution designer, trainer, and every role in between. 

Tammy T. Jelinek, MBA

Tammy engages with leadership teams to strategically align their goals to grow, expand, and meet their organization's mission. She is passionate about helping plans become actions, which becomes impact. She is one of our nationally recognized trainers in the areas of organizational development, organizational culture, human resources, leadership, and management.

Deron J. Kling

Deron Kling is an experienced consultant and leader focused on helping Wipfli’s clients plan for the future and reach their goals. His background includes over 20 years as an organizational leader and management consultant.

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