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Strategy and Operations

Overcome your biggest obstacles. Build the organization you’ve always envisioned.

Every organization has come up against barriers to growth. And more often than not, those barriers are invisible to the people on the front lines. When you’re already pressed for time and focused on day-to-day operations, it may seem impossible to look at the big picture and identify solutions to problems or deploy strategies to scale.

But that’s where an experienced, proven partner can make all the difference. With vast experience helping organizations overcome obstacles and achieve their strategic goals, Wipfli’s seasoned professionals bring valuable insight to help your organization solve its most pressing challenges and thrive well into the future.

Travel the Road to Strategic Planning & Process Improvement

Change is constant, and your organization’s ability to grow and thrive will depend on your adaptability — but there’s more to achieving your long-term strategic goals than simply having a plan in place.


Use surveys, interviews and assessments to determine what your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Using the SWOT, establish or evolve your organization’s vision and mission and align them together with your core values to set strategic goals.

Strategic Priorities

Develop broad strategic themes so that you can narrow them into strategic priorities.

Strategies & Goals

Determine what short-term strategies and goals you need in order to reach major, long-term goals.

Action Plans

Create tactical plans to determine how you will accomplish a goal, who will be involved and when it will be finished. Do this for each goal and strategy. 

Discovery Events

Take large, broad objectives and determine how to make incremental process changes to help meet strategic goals. Identify root causes of waste.

Improvement Events

Use prioritization workshops, action planning, cost and overhead analyses, and staff augmentation to dive into the root causes of waste and figure out how to make improvements. 

Outcome Measurement

Establish how you will measure the achievement of strategic goals, such as using financial numbers. Goals must be measured, reported on and then celebrated when they’re achieved.

Plan Review and Management

Regularly review and manage actions plans, strategies and overall strategic priorities to help ensure you successfully implement your plan.


Strategy & Operations




Talent & Change

Realize maximum success through your number one resource: your team.

Software selection services

Balance your team’s day-to-day priorities with collecting requirements, finding software providers, leading demos and understanding pricing.

Entrepreneurial Operating System

Start with a clear advantage by learning from our specialized knowledge and years of EOS experience.

Focused teams = Success
Learn how with Entrepreneurial Operating System tools.
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Navigating through disruption
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