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Thank You for Your Service

Apr 13, 2016
By: Melissa D. Blaser
Financial Institutions

Sunday Morning is a CBS staple on the viewing schedule for many households. Recently this American newsmagazine television program featured a story about Myles Eckert, who was eight years old when he made headlines in 2014 by gifting a stranger, fellow patron Lt. Col. Frank Dailey, at a restaurant in Ohio with the $20 bill he had just found in the parking lot. As a Gold Star kid, seeing a man in uniform reminded him of his dad, and he wanted to pay it forward. So he wrapped the $20 inside a note saying his dad had been a soldier and thanking Lt. Col. Dailey for his service. 

But his story doesn’t end there. After word got out about this random act of gifting, along with the support of his mom and sister, Myles raised nearly $2 million for Gold Star charities. Last month, Myles was presented with a Citizen Honor award, a recognition bestowed by past Medal of Honor recipients on civilians who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

While this unique story generated thousands of likes and shares on social media, there are also many ordinary citizens who show their appreciation to service members every day, usually in subtle ways. It might be as simple as approaching a uniformed individual in an airport and thanking them for their service or offering to spring for a cup of coffee. 

While the legislative front may not generate a response as notable as social media, certain protections are in place for service members and their families. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act has been around for many years and is widely known and recognized. Newer to the scene and lesser known is the Department of Defense’s Military Lending Act. I invite you to take this opportunity to learn more about the protections offered under this newer legislation by reading my recent article about the Military Lending Act.

And to all who read this who have served in our military, thank you for your service.


Melissa D. Blaser, CPA, CRCM, CAMS, CFSA, CFIRS
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