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Whose Language Are You Speaking?

Aug 25, 2016
Financial Institutions

If you have ever taken a course in public speaking, you likely heard the instructor emphasize tailoring your speech to the audience you are addressing. This guidance is also fundamental in our day-to-day communications with one another. Let me share my story as an example.

My home computer was old and no longer functioning in a reliable manner, so I went to a store that sells electronics to purchase a new one. A sales representative approached me and asked if I needed any help. I did need assistance because I really had no idea how to begin selecting the right computer to meet my needs. The sales rep dove right in, telling me about the various devices, gigabytes, ram, speed, memory, and well, you get the idea.  After he had elaborated on all of these marvelous features, I felt dazed and confused and was ready to run out of the store before feeling any dumber.

Luckily for me, before I made it out of the electronics department, another sales rep asked if I needed help. I explained that I had been helped but was still unsure of what type of computer to purchase. This sales rep started out by asking me what I used the computer for and what features I thought were important. He then brought me to three models that he thought would best meet my needs and gave me a simple explanation about the pros and cons of each one. I made a purchase that day and have been happy with the choice I made ever since.

In the financial world, we have “banker speak,” which includes lots of acronyms and terms specific to those working in the industry. When you are talking to potential customers or members about the various products and services your financial institution offers, do you leave the person dazed and confused, or do you talk in a language the customer or member can understand? 

Here at Wipfli, we believe that having clear communications with you, our clients, is the key to a successful relationship. Our financial institution team members speak your language, since many of us started our careers working in banks and credit unions. It is our desire to assist you in choosing which consulting products and services will best meet your needs, without leaving you dazed and confused—ready to take flight!


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