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The world has changed – So has our thought leadership!

Mar 26, 2020
By: Anna Kooi
Financial Institutions

Over the course of the last two weeks, we have seen significant changes to just about everything that impacts our daily lives. Schools are closed; businesses are; the market had its biggest drop in 80 years, followed by the biggest point gain in history. COVID-19 continues to be the topic we cannot get away from, and Congress is trying to address the economic impacts starting to happen and the recession that some say is coming and others say is here.

Another change is the inundation of thought leadership and articles/blogs/webinars, etc. from many sources trying to help us keep up on the rapidly changing rules, laws and best practices. Our clients have been asking great questions, and we have been working to keep up and provide only timely, pertinent information to address them and will continue to do so.

While we realize there is a wealth of information available, we want to inform all looking to us for thought leadership that we have upped our game. Starting earlier this week, rather than one or two communications relevant to our financial services clients, we are putting out more communications and will for the immediate future. These communications will be sent via email and will include articles, blogs (like this one), webinars and podcasts on a regular schedule. We will record any complimentary webinars we host and store them to our website for viewing at your convenience if you are unable to attend live.

Our commitment to you is that our communications will be timely and related to current topics and issues. We will provide information that addresses the current COVID-19 events, regulatory items or economic events that impact our industry. We will look for feedback and suggestions on topics that impact you and your organization.

Finally, we also want to direct you all to our COVID-19 Resource Center, where current thought leadership information is available. You can find that at www.wipfli.com/covid-19-resource-center.

We look forward to your feedback!


Anna Kooi, CPA
National Financial Services Industry Leader, Partner
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