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Best-Laid Plans: Sometimes We All Need a Little Help

Mar 07, 2019
By: Shelley Foster
Financial Institutions

Like many of you, my life can get hectic, both at home and at work. In risk advisory services, the last few months of the year are our busiest time, and there are a lot of balls to keep in the air during those months.  During these busy times, to manage my chaotic life, I try hard to be a planner. I plan my schedule in advance and make daily and weekly to-do lists. Nothing feels better than checking items off my list! In a perfect world, at the end of each week all items would be checked off, and I could relax on the weekends and prepare for the upcoming week. Unfortunately, I live in the real world, and things come up unexpectedly and take precedence over the tasks on my list. Sometimes it takes longer to complete the items on my list, and I get behind schedule. Sometimes my procrastinator side comes out, and I push off doing what I need to do. 

Even the best-laid plans can go astray. Life happens, emergencies come up, and things get postponed. This can be quite stressful. To alleviate my stress, I enlist others to help me out when I realize I’m too far behind and will not be able to get everything done. For example, I can hire a cleaning service to clean my house or order take-out instead of cooking so I can work a little later. At the office, I reach out to interns and associates in other offices, and if necessary, we can hire temporary staff to assist so I can get back on track again.

Whether you’re a planner or a procrastinator, I’m sure you can relate to unexpected schedule delays. Things come up, priorities change, and sometimes take longer than anticipated. You may find this has happened at your institution. Maybe you’ve experienced staff turnover or have special projects in the works, and these things are keeping you from meeting your deadlines. When you find yourself behind on your plans and unable to complete all scheduled tasks, contact Wipfli for help. Whether it’s internal audit, compliance, loan review, IT or any other project, we can help. Our associates have a wide range of knowledge and experience to step in and assist you in getting back on schedule. Let us help relieve your stress.


Shelley Foster, CRCM, CCBIA
Senior Manager, Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance
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