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Podcast: How digital statements impact the customer experience

May 03, 2021
By: Terry Ammons
Podcast: How digital statements impact the customer experience

Did you know 95% of all bank statements are opened and read through?

Your customers are reading their statements, but when’s the last time your institution considered what type of customer experience you’re delivering via those statements? Are they modern, or do they look the same as they did 20 years ago?

In this podcast, host Terry Ammons talks with Griffin McGahey, President of HC3, about how digital statements and payment solutions are transforming the customer experience for financial institutions today. They dive into:

  • Digital statements and how they’ve changed over time
  • What sort of customer experience consumers are looking for in a financial institution’s digital transformation

Listen above to learn how you can transform your institution’s digital statements and customer experience.


Terry Ammons, CPA, CISA, CTPRP
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