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If you’re struggling with asset productivity, lost capacity and process leakage, this is the solution

Jul 16, 2019
By: Mark Stevens

As a discrete manufacturer, you’re faced with unseen challenges that are difficult to pin down and find a full solution to. Process leakage, asset productivity and lost capacity all slow your machines and employees down and result in lost profits.

But with big challenges come innovative solutions. Connecting your machines to the cloud and using the industrial internet of things (IIoT) lets you monitor and asses current performance, see historical trends and act on the right solution.

Shop Floor Optics, powered by MachineMetrics, is manufacturing software designed to do just that. Register for our free webinar to learn how Shop Floor Optics can help you turn reactive decisions into proactive solutions. Shop Floor Optics combines the power of IIoT and MachineMetrics technology with experienced consultants who can accelerate your user adoption of the tool and provide valuable insights.

Let’s dive more in depth into the solution:

Solve performance challenges with data-driven insights

With Shop Floor Optics providing real-time data on your machines, you can dig into causes of downtime and identify shift variances. This helps you prevent future issues by identifying the problem and speaking productively with your operators about steps they need to take.

Shop Floor Optics’ dashboard provides insights into your total shop floor operations, allowing you to put in place actionable plans that empower your employees to prevent unplanned setup time and process leakage.

Minimize downtime due to equipment-related failures

Shop Floor Optics can record the frequency and impact of machine errors, allowing you to more easily identify trends and then prioritize service efforts. You can use this data to quantify the financial impact of any machine downtime and then take steps to change production patterns to improve both machine health and employee productivity.

For example, your maintenance team and engineers can quickly view which alarms occur most often, which assets are affected and how many hours of downtime each error type causes. Because they now have the data on which issues have the biggest impact on productivity, they can address those issues first and take steps to prevent future issues.

Learn more in our free webinar

No longer do you have to rely on lagging, end-of-day reports to reveal your plant’s productivity. Shop Floor Optics combines MachineMetrics technology, IIoT-based software and the power of the cloud to give your management team real-time measurements and the ability to take actions such as setting part and equipment use targets, identifying underperforming work cells, and adjusting work order routing.

In our free webinar with MachineMetrics, you’ll learn how Shop Floor Optics can help you:

  • Move from reactivity to proactivity in your factory, using data to drive decisions 
  • Revamp the way your company interacts with human and machine data to transform information into action.
  • Quickly assess current performance and investigate historical trends.

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