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Cybersecurity Solutions for Healthcare

Protect your organization from cyber and information security threats.

Cybersecurity Solutions - Managed Detection and Response Services

Healthcare is ground zero for cyber and information security threats. Even in an ever-increasing landscape of regulatory and statutory requirements, hacking, phishing and insider threats continue to plague the healthcare industry. All too often, healthcare security officers lack the resources needed to properly mitigate risk and manage an organizational security program.

Let Wipfli assist you with your security and privacy challenges. Leverage our solutions to help your organization satisfy regulatory compliance, manage risk, meet business demands and gain peace of mind. Just some of our solutions focused on healthcare include:

  • Cybersecurity Testing
  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • Incident Response and Handling
  • HITRUST Services
  • Emergency Preparedness

Wipfli’s security professionals have extensive experience in the healthcare industry, bringing practical solutions and real-world perspective. Contact us today to get started.

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Cybersecurity solutions for healthcare
Cybersecurity solutions for healthcare
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