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Operational Excellence

Engaged workforce. Optimized processes. Accelerated growth.

Accomplishing operational or organizational goals is impossible when either people or processes—or both—are not aligned and optimized.

Wipfli’s manufacturing experts believe any organization can perform better tomorrow than it does today. That it can constantly evolve, improve, and change through collaboration and problem solving around a common purpose. And the energy and commitment of employees can drive the change needed to make continuous improvement contagious and sustainable.

This continuous journey starts by:

  • Building on varying perspectives and talent already inherent in your organization
  • Bringing about self-discovery in your organization
  • Aligning people, process, and technology

When organizations are bogged down handling day-to-day activities, it’s difficult to focus on what lies ahead. Wipfli’s seasoned manufacturing experts help strip away the complexities, uncooperative mindsets, and waste that stand in the way of better performance. Realizing operational excellence is only possible when people, processes, and systems are working in concert, creating meaningful change sometimes requires slowing processes down to better understand how to successfully speed things up. 

Read how several manufacturers got 'unstuck' by empowering their people to spearhead high-impact improvements that drove lasting value.

  • ANGI Energy Systems: Energizing opportunities for more capacity, greater cost savings, deeper employee engagement, and less lead time
  • Brunk Industries: Continuous improvement journey has led to improved operations, reduction in costs and significant growth
  • Sintex-Wausaukee Composites, Inc.: Empowering talent to drive change yields a quantum leap; from formidable challenge to thriving success

Wipfli experts partner with you as you align your people, technology, and processes to engage your workforce and position your company for growth and success.

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Manufacturing discovery event
Manufacturing discovery event
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Lean to the Future: How Brunk Industries addressed their new norm head on

Brunk Industries was challenged to drive costs out of their current business model and operations as well as create a lean culture. Wipfli's overall approach with hands-on support helped bring results and stability to Brunk's lean journey.