Fundraising Primer

Successful first steps in fundraising.

With erratic federal and state funding, organizations are finding ways to generate their own funds.

Wipfli’s proven teams collaborate with nonprofit organizations to improve financial sustainability.

With the Fundraising Primer, clients gain insights about where the agency’s current fundraising efforts are, what is possible, and what needs to be done to start seeing donation dollars come in the door.

There are two phases in the Fundraising Primer:

  • Capacity Assessment: The Capacity Assessment is designed to evaluate current fundraising methods, tools, policies, and procedures, as well as the current understanding and vision of what fundraising objectives and roles are within an agency. The Capacity Assessment features in-depth information gathering that builds a written report with suggestions for next steps.
  • Board Training: Board Training is designed to give key stakeholders strategies for getting started and moving the needle forward. Board Training includes interactive discussions and recorded webinars. 

Featured Thought Leader

Kate Atkins, MS

Kate's focus within the nonprofit and government practice is on aligning nonprofits across the nation with products, services, and professionals to help them achieve their mission.  She also shares her background in fundraising, membership, community partnerships, and strategic philanthropy to help clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

Fundraising Primer

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