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Closing the talent gap at nonprofits

How to retain and recruit the team you need

 Closing the talent gap at nonprofits

The talent gap is widening for nonprofits.

And so is the skills gap.

Most nonprofit leaders report that hiring is their #1 challenge in the coming year.

Not only is a difficult to recruit employees, it’s also difficult to compete with for-profit companies to hire those with the digital skills needed to help nonprofits thrive in the future. And it’s difficult for nonprofits to keep the employees they want.

Check out these numbers:

  • 35.1% of nonprofits report hiring is top challenge for management.
  • 53% of management say their top priority is better engaging employees; 52% improve culture.

Looking beyond the money

Solving the talent gap isn’t just a question of money.

Research show that beyond pay levels, the talent and skill gap in nonprofits can be attributed to:

  • A workplace culture that doesn’t fit the new talent demographic (millennials and Gen Z).
  • The culture that encourages employees to exit versus engage.
  • A lack of internal upskilling or career pathing.
  • No formal recruitment or retention strategy.
  • The mission and vision is lost between leadership and staff.
  • Employees often don’t see how they contribute to the mission.

Solutions that go beyond the surface

When you work with Wipfli, our consultants don’t give you cookie-cutter solutions that don’t affect real change.

We partner with you to help you face your challenges and leverage your opportunities so you can amplify your impact.

Our integrated, consultative approach looks at your talent and change goals and delivers practical but engaging solutions. From evaluating change readiness to retaining top talent, Wipfli shares the knowledge and skills you need to realize maximum success through your number one resource: your team.

Contact us today so get started.

Our solutions include:

Comprehensive culture solutions

  • Strategy alignment
  • Team engagement
  • Vision clarity
  • Learning outcomes
  • Data confidence
  • Change management

Strategy and operations

  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic priorities
  • Strategies and goals
  • Action plans
  • Discovery events
  • Improvement events
  • Outcome measurement
  • Plan review and management

Talent and change

  • Design the right structure and roles
  • Measure and master your culture
  • Optimize talent with Predictive Index®
  • Recruit, hire and promote future leaders
  • Recognize and reward talent
  • Upgrade your human resources function
  • Lead and manage change

Human capital management

  • Employee benefits
  • Payroll
  • Retirement planning