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Why take the risk?

Jun 08, 2016
Financial Institutions

I do (or try to do) a lot of bow hunting for deer. As many of you know, most bow hunters hunt from a tree stand. Over the course of the 40 years or so I have been hunting, I have been fortunate in that I have not had a fall out of the tree. I read a statistic somewhere recently that about 40% of hunters who hunt from tree stands will have a fall at some time, with some of these resulting in serious injury or even death!

I have had a couple of slips and other close encounters in the past, mostly prior to the current generation of safety equipment. Today I wear a safety vest and use a rope system to climb up and down the tree. There is really no reason to take the risk!

Recently at work I became aware of two different clients who had frauds committed by long-time employees who were abusing their employer-issued credit cards. While the “schemes” were different, the results were the same: termination and embarrassment that such frauds could happen, especially with long-term employees. While it may make sense to have our employees use our bank-issued credit cards, such use does present an opportunity for abuse. Experiences like these make me wonder if we should not require the use of the individual’s credit card for paying expenses, rather than a bank-issued card. Is there really a reason to take the risk?  

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