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Sunshine and Bunny Rabbits

Mar 17, 2017
Financial Institutions

In 1973 Knox College’s newly hired math professor Dr. Dennis Schneider taught, among other classes, a first-year calculus class. Dr. Schneider stood at the front of the room, a piece of chalk in one hand to write on the blackboard and a filter-less Pall Mall cigarette in the other. I was always surprised that he never confused those two white tubular shapes and never put the chalk in his mouth. As he taught, when he wanted students to provide answers to solve the problem on the board, he would call out, “vite, vite.” I eventually learned that vite was French for “rapid” or “fast,” meaning he wanted the answer quickly. After a student solved a particularly important or challenging problem, Dr. Schneider would jubilantly declaim that everything was “sunshine and bunny rabbits.” In other words, life was good; the theorem was proved, or the problem was solved. I took two calculus classes from Dr. Schneider, and the last time I checked, life was still good, and Dr. Schneider was still Professor of Mathematics at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.

After realizing that some of my other blogs have been sort of dark, I decided a happy blog seemed to be in order. I immediately thought of Dr. Schneider and his vision of “sunshine and bunny rabbits.”  

In today’s compliance world, one of the critical tools for making everything “sunshine and bunny rabbits” is a robust and effective compliance management system. If yours could use a tune-up “vite,” give us a call. No guarantees of “sunshine and bunny rabbits,” but we will do our best to get you there.  

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