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Once in a Lifetime

Dec 19, 2017
By: Jason J. Wimmer
Financial Institutions

It is deer hunting season! Each season follows a very similar routine… planting food plots, scouting the woods, cutting trails, building hunting stands, sighting rifles, and so forth. We do all of this with the goal of tagging a deerand not just any deer, but the deer of a lifetime! But what exactly does the deer of a lifetime look like?

I used to think that the deer of a lifetime was the biggest, baddest buck in the woods, with a monstrous body and even bigger antlers. I’ve been hunting for over 30 years, and have yet to witness such a buck. This year is different, though. Not because I intend to see this elusive buck, but because my perception has changed.

 This is the first time my oldest son has been hunting with me. We planted food plots together, scouted the woods together, cut trails together, built hunting stands together, sighted our rifles together, and now we hope to harvest our first deer together. No matter how big or how small—whether it has huge antlers, small antlers, or no antlers— this will be the deer of a lifetime for me! It will be our first deer together, and one that neither of us will ever forget.

 Waiting for our deer of a lifetime, reminds me that we are also waiting to see what the new tax reform will bring. When I’m not hunting deer, I’m focusing much of my time on tax preparation, tax consulting, and tax planning for banks. Much like deer hunting season, each tax season follows a very similar routine, and we do it with the goal of saving our clients tax dollars. This tax season could be very different from prior tax seasons, though. We are on the verge of significant and meaningful tax reform that, if enacted, will provide every bank with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reduce taxes. To learn more about the tax reform movement and how it will impact your bank, be sure to check out our recently recorded tax update webinar.


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