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Where are you going? And how will you get there?

Sep 14, 2018
Financial Institutions

It’s that time of year — back to school! For each of us with school-age children, this marks the beginning of another year of building their pathway to success. Several years ago, when my oldest son was entering high school, I began trying to instill in him the importance of setting goals and plans for achieving them.

The process began with having him identify what he hoped to achieve by the time he graduated. Then the more difficult part, identifying three goals needed to achieve the end goal, along with three action plans to achieve the three goals. Each year we would revisit the goals and evaluate the results, and he would set new goals and action plans based on the prior-year successes and setbacks. Trust me, it was not easy to convince him that not only was this important to achieving his ultimate goal of obtaining a D1 baseball scholarship, but also that he needed to put it all in writing.

Ultimately, I was hoping he would understand that it takes more than ability and past success to reach future success, whether it be athletically, scholastically or personally. It takes a clear understanding of and focus on what you want to achieve and how to make it happen. Although you are working toward different long-term and supporting short-term goals, the premise is similar  to strategic planning for your organization.

Although your organization has many talented employees and has achieved past success, the best way to mark your pathway to long-term success is to develop and implement a formal ­strategic plan that clearly identifies the organization’s overall long- and short-term goals, along with supporting department goals and action plans. Although you may find this process challenging or difficult to get everyone on board, in the end it will allow everyone to understand where you are going, identify how to get there, stay focused, measure results to expectations and adjust as you experience successes and setbacks along the way. If you find your organization is in need of assistance with formalizing, improving, or reassessing your strategic plan, Wipfli can help! Just contact your relationship executive, and we will help you mark your pathway to continued success.

My son continues this process, in college, to mark his pathway to continued D1 athletic and academic success. Not to leave my younger son out of the fun — he too marked his pathway to success in high school and now as he begins college!


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