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Is it time to lose a little weight?

May 23, 2018
Financial Institutions

Now that our annual “busy season” is over, my wife is on my case to get a little exercise and lose some weight. It’s typical during the first few months of the year that there is way too little exercise and probably too much unhealthy food. The long hours and weather during that time of year are simply not conducive to the healthy lifestyle I should be following. In fact, I just got a text from her telling me to “wrap it up” so we can go for our four- or five-mile walk (which we try to do three or four times a week this time of year).

I see many of our clients trying to “lose a little weight” as well, but in a different way. Many of them are struggling with how to get more lean/efficient or how to maintain a continuous improvement process unlike what I do during busy season! Sometimes they just don’t know how to start, or if they find a way to “lose weight,” they don’t know how to maintain it (just like me!). 

We have been very successful in helping clients start this process (and it does not involve having someone text you to tell you to hurry home). Our Discovery Event process and Continuous Improvement training have helped to not only identify how to get more efficient, but teach you the process so you can maintain the momentum of continuous improvement. It is a great, bottom-up process that has been successful in many institutions!

If you are interested in “losing a little weight,” please call your relationship executive, and they can get you started!

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