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Podcast: Personalizing the customer experience with technology

Feb 03, 2021
By: Terry Ammons
Podcast: Personalizing the customer experience with technology

Do you know the value technology and open platforms could add to your financial institution?

Boston Consulting Group calculated that for every $100 billion in assets a bank has, revenue can be increased by as much as $300 million by personalizing customer interactions.

A full 88% of customers want to receive recommendations from their bank about the things relevant to their needs and behaviors. What are you doing to meet this need?

In this episode of GroundBanking, Terry Ammons, Wipfli partner, and special guest Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget, discuss:

  • The importance of creativity and innovation in driving business and growing your institution
  • How to cater and deliver to the specific needs of customers using technology

Listen in to also discover our special beer of the episode!


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