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Podcast: The value of compliance-centric IT services

Feb 02, 2022
By: Terry Ammons
Fintech consulting services

How have financial institutions’ approach to technology changed over the course of the last decade?

That’s the question explored in this episode of GroundBanking. Terry Ammons, partner at Wipfli, talks with Brendan McGowan, CTO of Safe Systems, about how technology investments have transformed dramatically in the past few years, shifting from a “necessary evil” to a strategic IT and corporate decision. They discuss:

  • How every financial institution, regardless of size, should be able to leverage the best technology, compliance and security solutions to serve the financial needs of their community.
  • How institutions can stay up to date on the current technologies, security risks, regulatory changes and FFIEC guidelines.

Listen now to gain a better understanding of how to effectively unlock and leverage these solutions.

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