IIoT Solutions

Illuminate improvement potential with machine-monitoring technology.

Manufacturers are constantly challenged to increase productivity and find additional capacity. Yet hiring workers—and finding them—or simply adding costly equipment isn’t the smartest means to “more.” Success instead requires reliable insights into operations and knowledgeable support to turn insights into actionable change.

Shop Floor Optics harnesses the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to monitor the shop floor for complete visibility into profit leakage, hidden capacity, and potential productivity gains.

Shop Floor Optics

Affordable and hassle-free, the easy-to implement solution connects in minutes to machines to illuminate and record all key performance variables including quality, labor, and availability. Desktop, tablet and mobile-ready, gain anywhere, anytime access to shop floor data to make instant productivity decisions.

Featured Thought Leader

Mark Stevens

Mark brings his clients the experience and skills developed through working more than 28 years in the manufacturing industry. He leads Wipfli's manufacturing and distribution consulting practice. From facility design to continuous improvement programs, Mark has guided local, national, and international manufacturing companies through all facets of business strategic planning, process improvement, operational excellence, and technology integration. He has a passion for helping manufacturers become more customer-effective and operationally efficient.

Shop Floor Optics

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