Accounting Services (Outsourced)

Keep your focus on the front of the house and the bottom line.

Drive your enterprises forward by outsourcing back-office responsibilities. Wipfli can maintain your accounting functions without interruption. We provide the most advanced framework, checklists and best practices for ensuring a successful outsourcing initiative. Our business tools help your casino operations improve processes, ensure regulatory compliance, support transparency and achieve a metrics-based environment while significantly reducing the cost of delivering accounting, bookkeeping and finance functions.

  • Revenue audit for slots, table games, food and beverage and hotel accommodations
  • Purchasing and accounts payable management
  • Payroll processing and compliance
  • Gaming-specific analytics, reporting and proficiency
  • Complete audit support and liaison services

The results: Wipfli ensures effective outsourced accounting services focused on the key drivers of your success—your people, process and technology.

Featured Thought Leader

Grant Eve, CPA, CFE

Grant is a partner specializing in tribal and commercial gaming. He has several years of experience in working with tribal gaming organizations and commercial casinos in Nevada. Grant is a nationally recognized leader in the gaming industry and has authored numerous articles and been interviewed in industry publications.