Minimum Internal Control Standards Compliance and Agreed-Upon Procedures

Stay confident. Minimize risks. Maintain integrity.

Protect the interests of your organization and ensure complete compliance with the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) annual required agreed-upon procedures. In addition to the Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) AUPs, we offer internal control risk assessments, departmental walk-throughs, effectiveness testing and transaction testing by department.

Regulations require stringent internal controls and procedures for gaming operations. Make sure your controls are current and compliant with help from Wipfli. Our qualified, well-trained team is equipped with years of gaming experience. We can provide the structure, analysis and training required to ensure a successful and compliant casino operation.

Featured Thought Leader

Grant Eve, CPA, CFE

Grant is a partner specializing in tribal and commercial gaming. He has several years of experience in working with tribal gaming organizations and commercial casinos in Nevada. Grant is a nationally recognized leader in the gaming industry and has authored numerous articles and been interviewed in industry publications.

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