Title 31/AML (Risk) Compliance

A simple and clear assessment.

Obtain a comprehensive risk assessment with an analysis and review of your casino’s BSA/Title 31 compliance program. Our assessment involves a detailed evaluation of factors that contribute to risks across many key categories.

You will receive a final written report that details the overall condition, risks identified, mitigating procedures/controls and deficiencies within risk categories. In addition, we identify areas of strengths and weaknesses, along with suggesting corrective actions and recommendations.

The risk assessment provides you with a valuable tool in customizing your BSA compliance program to your casino’s specific needs. In addition, the training provided during the assessment allows your personnel to complete annual updates to your risk assessment.

Featured Thought Leader

Grant Eve, CPA, CFE

Grant is a partner specializing in tribal and commercial gaming. He has several years of experience in working with tribal gaming organizations and commercial casinos in Nevada. Grant is a nationally recognized leader in the gaming industry and has authored numerous articles and been interviewed in industry publications.

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