Finance Process Optimization

Heavily regulated industries require accurate and timely data.

It is no secret that gaming is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Accurate, timely data that meets compliance is a must. But the functionality of a casino’s accounting and business management software doesn’t have to end there. The ability to gather it, then analyze it into unlimited groupings is what modern-day accounting solutions are all about.

A detailed review of your processes and workflows is often the most critical part of any conversion project. There is no better time to change any inefficient data processes than when a new system is being considered. An open departmental discussion about new best practices is a great way to spawn new leaders and provide a stage for all team members to voice their opinions.

Get your team’s buy-in. Allow all the potential users of the new software to give feedback on what they like or don’t like about the current software. This ensures maximum automation of your new processes and provides you and your management team with the confidence that your team believes in the future state and the benefits it will provide.

Wipfli has completed hundreds of business assessments in which we partner with you to improve and transform your financial systems. We introduce processes to make you more efficient and effective and reassure the “powers that be” that you have sound management and accounting practices in place.

  • Improve quality. Increase the quality controls at the source of transactions to reduce rework and increase compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 
  • Simplify. Reduce complexity and increase standardization of processes alongside technology. 
  • Achieve timeliness. Reduce wasted or “sunk” time and improve cycle times. 

Featured Thought Leader

Lindan D. Elliott, CPA, CISA

Lindan is devoted to helping customers achieve their finance transformation objectives and realize the full potential of modern business systems and processes. He assists CFOs through the full accounting system and process life cycle, including business process and technology assessments, roadmap creation and accounting software deployment, training and ongoing support.

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