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As part of our CFO exchange, a group of chief financial officers from tribal gaming enterprises meet virtually each quarter to share leading practices and discuss trending topics of mutual interest based on an agenda created through a series of pre-interviews.

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Tribal Gaming cfo exchange july 2023

The report touched on the current state of the tribal gaming industry and the overall economy, as well as cybersecurity threats and trends, the increasing cost of cyber insurance and the drivers impacting cybersecurity standards in tribal gaming.

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2023 July Tribal Gaming CFO Peer Exchange

July 2023

This report explored strategies for implementing GASB 96, the potential impacts of cashless gaming, how to streamline the capital budget process and the 2023 Cost of Doing Business report.

Tribal Gaming CFO Exchange - May 2023

May 2023

This report covered GASB 96 implemenation, the economic outlook going into 2024, and how leveraging technology can help casinos improve operations and address staffing needs.

Tribal gaming CFO peer exchange-March 2023

March 2023

This report covered how economic trends are impacting tribal gaming and what CFOs are doing to manage increased routine expenses and labor costs.

Tribal gaming CFO peer exchange-November 2022

November 2022

Our November 2022 report covered the economic environment for the U.S. and tribal gaming, how CFOs are viewing infrastructure and capital projects in that environment, and their recent revenue cycles, including what to expect in 2023.

Wipfli Tribal Gaming CFO Peer Exchange

July 2022

This report covered GASB 87 and 96 and their substantial impact on financial statements, market trends in tribal gaming, and strategies to retain employees in light of continued labor shortages.