Forensic Examinations (Audits)

Recognizing risks and preventing fraud.

Fraud can be extremely detrimental to a casino’s financial good standing and reputation. Pinpointing problem areas that could benefit from protection is the best means of fraud prevention.

The certified fraud investigation professionals at Wipfli take a skilled approach to a forensic audit by executing a deliberate series of crucial steps resulting in the successful uncovering of actions while identifying possible perpetrators. In the event that fraudulent activity is discovered, we’ll help you determine how that activity went undetected, discover what impact it had (and may continue to have) on your business, identify guilty parties and calculate the extent of assets that are missing.

For embezzlement cases, misappropriation of assets, forgery, suspicious claims, false statements and other unscrupulous activities, we’re diligent about gathering the facts and implementing the proper internal controls for future fraud prevention. Whether internal or external, Wipfli examiners get to the origin of the problem.

Featured Thought Leader

Grant Eve, CPA, CFE

Grant is a partner specializing in tribal and commercial gaming. He has several years of experience in working with tribal gaming organizations and commercial casinos in Nevada. Grant is a nationally recognized leader in the gaming industry and has authored numerous articles and been interviewed in industry publications.

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