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Podcast: Making better banking decisions with better data

Oct 22, 2021
By: Terry Ammons

When the concept of digital transformation started gaining steam, many financial institutions realized they did not have the peer group analysis, data or insights into what changes were happening in their sector.

How can you gain better data? Terry Ammons, partner at Wipfli, and Curry Pelot, CIO and Founder of FI Navigator, discuss how financial institutions can best allocate their resources to drive performance.

In this episode, they cover:

  • How financial institutions can leverage industry data to identify opportunities, develop strategy and enhance performance.
  • How innovative analytics allow instant insight into an institution’s strengths, weaknesses, performance themes, cost/benefit, etc.
  • How rich data can help institutions look ahead at offerings such as currency exchange, artificial intelligence, chatbots and more.

Listen now to learn how your institution can gain a data-driven advantage.

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