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Cut turnover and raise profits with the right leadership

A culture of great leadership within an organization breeds innovation, teamwork, higher performers and higher retention rates.


Because great leaders know the most important part of their job is to develop their direct reports — and they relish the responsibility.

When leadership is focused on helping others succeed and grow, the entire organization benefits from better communication, effective feedback and collaboration toward common goals. Wipfli’s leadership development programs help leaders at every level cultivate a leadership mindset that empowers others to thrive.

How do we work with you?

Many leadership development programs fail. The reason is simple: They don’t create systemic and lasting behavioral change. At Wipfli, we don’t believe in a quick boot camp that results in business as usual once you return to work.

In our leadership development programs, we apply real-time situations so that participants come away with solutions and practical strategies that align with their real work. We help leaders change their mindset by focusing on three key aspects of leading others:

  1. Leading authentically: Being a leader starts with learning about yourself and what leadership is all about and how the execution of the strategy is in your hands. How will your leaders each be effective authentically?
  2. Leading people: Your team’s success is your success. We help leaders learn how to focus on their team’s development so setting the course for others and coaching and developing them become key priorities.
  3. Leading the business: In order to be a thoughtful leader, you must have business acumen, be innovative, and more. We design the programs that ensure your people have the skills to execute your roadmap.

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