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How to Drive Decisions With Timely Financials, Budgets and Dashboards

The nonprofit world is facing increasing demands for visibility and accountability. To respond, organizations have to get better about using their data for decision-making, reporting and storytelling.

That’s why the spotlight is shining on chief financial officers and finance directors. Boards are looking to them to find new insights in the numbers and new paths to information management. They’re asking questions like, “How can we move our organization from manual processes to digital management?”, “What kind of shifts will help us operate on the leanest budget?” and “How can we make the biggest impact and generate more stakeholder support?”

Join us to find out how your accounting system could have the answers.

Free Seminars in Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay

Find out how the next generation of accounting software helps organizations make solid, strategic decisions. See how role-based dashboards, charts and other visualization tools to help CFOs analyze data in real time.

Get familiar with the new opportunities in accounting software and find more places to incorporate it into your processes. We’ll cover:

  • Measuring nonprofit metrics.
  • Using data to support your work.
  • How dashboards enable greater visibility and understanding.
  • Providing actionable data your organization can use in strategic decision-making.
  • Discovering real-time business performance.
  • Best practices for effective budgeting and planning.
  • Choosing the right financial system to drive decision-making goals.

Find out what it means to be a data-informed organization in today’s digital environment. Learn how data visualization enables better stewardship, influence and impact. Position yourself as a thought-leader and resource as your organization looks to maximize its impact in an evolving digital environment. 

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