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Mortgage Compliance Pre-Closing Review

Correct errors and stay in compliance before you close.

You might have mortgage quality control reviews completed, but they’re not covering regulatory compliance requirements. While these reviews touch on compliance with federal regulations, they do not provide an in-depth review of the rules.

Don’t wait until your regulators point out errors or your investors refuse to purchase mortgage loans. Have your mortgage documents reviewed to identify and correct errors before you get to the closing table. 

Use Wipfli’s Mortgage Compliance Pre-Closing Solution

Our mortgage pre-closing compliance reviews are done remotely based on your timeline. You simply notify us when a file is ready, and we review it via our secure portal and let you know about any issues. Each line item on the integrated disclosures is reviewed for accuracy, and all items are recalculated, so you can rest assured you’re in compliance. Need our calculations to show your regulators? Not a problem!

This service is completely tailored to your needs. Let us look at a sample or 100% of files before closing — you decide. We can customize the scope, sample size, process and more. Plus, our people are truly specialists in this area. We work with many financial institutions and a variety of loan systems, which means we’ve seen every type of error and know what’s correct.

Stay in compliance and help ensure you can sell your mortgages with Wipfli’s mortgage compliance pre-closing review.

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